Design Advocacy With Internal Stakeholders

Instil a design culture in your organisation one key resource at a time

Think of it as tailored made express training for the executives and top talents you wish to bring onboard of your design vision.

Maybe you have a change management project? Maybe you'd simply want them or their teams to take more design-led initiatives? Say, customer experience, innovation...

The main differentiator to any design training out there — and the key to these executives buy in — this "Design Conversation" is brought to them on their doorstep. We literally delivered these services in the offices of the people you identify as enablers of a culture change with a bias for Design.

One hour at a time, one top talent at a time, we listen (a lot!), layout the foundation of what Design is through synthesised case studies and then workout with them what Design initiatives would make sense in their department.

We follow up on our first appointment at their request and share with you the progress of the overall initiative.



For board members wanting to acquaint their collaborators to Design and what it can help them achieve in their own department (HR, Marketing, Sales, Dev...)

Content Covered

Meet 1-on-1 with select key people in your organisation

Gage their level of understanding (and interest) regarding Design

Identify which problematic in their scope could be handled with a design approach

Get them acquainted with Design with a 100% tailored:

  • user research

  • prototyping first


Anytime, whether prior starting a new project or when you feel there are tensions in your executive team around a project or cultural shift.


Remote coaching via Zoom or equivalent

60 min sessions

Design Advocacy With Internal Stakeholders


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