Design Sprint

7 days to deliver 🚀

Design Sprints are a great methods to get a prototype off and running within days and to be able to confront your ideas with real customers. Design Sprints however can often be a vast waste of time if they're not well prepared, that's where I can help you.

Design Sprints are broken: we fixed them with User Research

The Design Sprints we organise span over three weeks (you may call them Design Decathlons for that matter).

No doubt you're familiar with the content of the third week, the well-documented stretch of sketching, prototyping and testing.

, while the first two weeks put the focus on creating the right dynamic (problem framing is often overlooked or done without the sponsor when it's too late to influence the course of the sprint, which defies the purpose entirely) and the right user materials (there's no point in doing a sprint if we don't know what the people we intend to help need).

7 days over 3 weeks: not your usual Design Sprint.

Week 1 ⚡️


Day 1

Kick-off with sponsor

Onboarding of team members

(Rules and Resources)

Problem Framing

(what are we trying to achieve? why? what's in for each of us? what are each and everyone's reservations?)

Interview guides & protocol

Week 2 🔎


Day 2

User Research

(performed by all the collaborators in pairs)


Day 3

User Needs Mapping

(each pair synthesise its findings on an online research canvas)

Week 3 🚢


Day 4

Pick the right problem to solve

Crazy 8 & other Ideation runs


Day 5

Pitch & Vote

Prioritise features


Day 6

Build a prototype

Test > Pivot > Ideate > Prototype


Day 7

Test with target customers

Build a business case


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