Workshop Facilitator Shadow Coach

Expert facilitators tricks and tips up your sleeves



For collaborators who run workshops in their organisations and want to prep with an expert facilitator

Content Covered

Review of all the aspects of your next workshop, from timing to tools and facilitation technics. We will broach what you need to prepare and what you should expect.

Clarify the desired outcome of your workshop.

Check the attendance list (key people, frontline staff, sponsors, etc.)

Adjust the rhythm and get ready to handle different energy levels all throughout the workshop.

Add interactivity with ice breakers and agile rituals (closing circles...)

Analyse the output of your workshop, plan the next steps and work on recommendations.


Either before your workshop in order to help you prepare for it, or after the workshop so you can reflect and plan the next steps.


Remote coaching via Zoom or equivalent

60 min sessions

Workshop Facilitator Shadow Coach


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