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Launch a Minimal Viable Product in 4 weeks 🚀

Minimal Viable Products (MVP) are ideal for great concepts that need testing before we're certain customers want them. And the best way to gage customer reaction is to build it and put it in front of them... except you won't build it, we'll make an MVP of it.

MVP can be applied to any product or services you want to test the value proposition of, with real customers, in a record amount of time. You'll gather if customers need your solution, want your product, and how they'd like to use it. It helps de-risk the product development phase by committing to your investment (time, resources, money) only when you have confirmation customers are willing to buy a product or service.


Phase I ⚡️


Choosing the vehicle

There are plenty of ways to provide customers with a perception of a product or service without actually building them and the first phase of an MVP Mission is to determine what vehicle will do the job best.

Phase II ⚡️



Then comes the prototyping itself, which is done using existing apps, API, automations and manual tasks with users.

Phase III ⚡️



This is followed by the test itself, in market conditions and with real customers.

Phase IV ⚡️


Pivot or Persevere

At last, it is time measure the results gathered by the MVP (e.g. conversion rate, intention to buy...) and decide whether to pivot or persevere (leading to a real product development this time).

MVP Launchpad

Approximative no. of billable days

10~20 days

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