Pitch Coaching

Bring your 'A' game to pitch your Product or Service



For anyone who's worked on a product or service and needs to pitch to a boss or investors to get more 💸, 👷‍♂️👩‍💻, ⏳ or all of the above

Content Covered

Provide and explain the most efficient pitching canvases: the right steps in the right order with a clear and strong call to action at the end!

Tailor recommendations to your specific project

Share best practices from our experience pitching projects in big organisations and in the startup community

Short track to relevant resources and tools (mostly free) to highlight the key points in your pitch deck

Revamp your slides to a modern, minimalistic, not attention grabbing layout that only highlights a few memorable key insights (remember you, as the person pitching, is telling the story, not your slides)



  • before your powerpoint gets to 110 slides...

  • before the evening before the pitch...

  • before you get so worked up because you have stage fright...

... But in actual fact, anytime you prepare for a pitch.

PS: feeling like you don't have all the answers yet (who are my customers? How much they will pay? Are we 100% sure this is approved by our legal team?) shouldn't prevent you from preparing a pitch. Generally speaking we pitch because we want something and asking for resources to figure out the answers to a set of questions you have identified is usually a pretty good ask.


Remote coaching via Zoom or equivalent

60 min sessions

Product/Service Pitch Coaching


Baptiste Bachellerie Independent Service Designer

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