Product Portfolio For Agile Teams

Scale your Agile Product and Service development process with ease

Organisations need to ensure over time that they build robust engines of value creation.

Part of the answer lies in the ability to reliably deliver new products and services to customers.

This rather expected function require a certain number of muscles that organisations either develop or loose over time, such as

With our Product Portfolio Audit, we can help you identify how to make your product and service development process more agile, leading to clear benefits in time to market and market penetration for new products.

Scaled Agile frameworks, such as SAFe®, provide a set of techniques, tools, routine and processes that will help your company thrive in the long-term.



For CEOs, POs, Dev and/or Marketing people building a robust product and service pipeline



Overview analysis of the organisation's current offerings

Can we increase the value of your current products & services by extending your footprint in your customers journey?

  • through synergies between your existing products..

  • through the development of complementary services around your existing products (e.g. subscription, content, assistance, commmunity of third-party sellers, etc.)...

  • through external growth...

  • through blue ocean innovation...

Development Processes

Overview of your current product development processes

Recommendation on best-in-class agile routines

Tailor a development funnel that suit your organisation's specificities

Take part in regular agile rituals at the start to help the new culture take off




Remote coaching via Zoom or equivalent (possibility to set up on-site meetings and workshops if relevant)

Starting from 60 min sessions (package if relevant)

Product Portfolio Audit


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